Can Alcohol Worsen Hearing Loss After a Loud Concert?

Have you ever had to deal with hearing loss after a loud concert? This condition is usually temporary. However, it can be unpleasant and disorienting.

Why Does Loud Music Cause Hearing Loss?

Sounds that are louder than 85 decibels can cause hearing loss. Concerts generally go above that limit. Standing in the front row of a rock concert can expose you to over 120 decibels.

But what happens exactly?

The hair cells in your inner ear are very sensitive. Loud concerts mean exposing your inner ears to prolonged trauma. This is why loud music can also create a ringing in your ears.

The Effects of Alcohol on Your Hearing

New research shows that alcohol has an impact on your hearing loss after a loud concert. A Dutch study observed 51 young concertgoers. So what did this research find?

People who consume more alcohol will have a higher degree of hearing loss after concerts. They were also likelier to suffer from tinnitus.

Why does alcohol impact your hearing?

Alcohol can impact your decision-making process. Thus, intoxication can lead to more dangerous behaviors. In the case of concerts, this can mean spending time directly in front of speakers.

Additionally, alcohol has a dampening effect on your protective reflexes. These protect you from loud noises too.

What Should You Do About It?

For many people, drinking is a regular part of attending concerts and festivals.

But it is important to consider your hearing health. You can plan out some safety measures in advance.

Earplugs can be a good choice for concerts. Make sure to find comfortable models, so you won’t be tempted to remove them as the night progresses.

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