Are Ear Infections Contagious?

Ear infections are more common in children. By the age of three, 5 out of 6 children will go through an ear infection. Adults are also at risk of this disease.

These infections come with ear pain. They can be very uncomfortable. In some cases, they can lead to permanent hearing loss.

Many people develop ear infections during a cold.

But why does this happen? Are ear infections contagious? What are the best ways to prevent developing this kind of infection?

The Short Answer

No, ear infections aren’t contagious. However, they often get triggered by certain infectious diseases. In particular, you can get an ear infection from a cold or the flu.

How Does an Ear Infection Develop?

Your ear infection can sometimes start in the external ear. In some cases, the infection affects your inner ear and your balance system. But in most cases, ear infections start with the middle ear.

The middle ear is connected with your respiratory system. After all, it’s important to regulate the air pressure around your eardrums. This connection happens through Eustachian tubes.

You already know that having a cold means congestion. But this affects your Eustachian tubes. Hence, having a cold exerts too much pressure on the middle ear.

This leads to pain and discomfort.

Additionally, your middle ear fills up with liquid. Then viruses and bacteria start multiplying. This leads to an ear infection.

A Final Word

Are ear infections contagious at all? They’re not, but they go together with infectious diseases.

Hence, you can reduce your chances of an ear infection if you practice good hygiene. This is one of the best ways to stay safe from colds and the flu.

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