5 Toys That Protect Your Child’s Hearing

Did you know that loud toys can cause hearing loss? Anything that’s louder than 65 decibels is dangerous. After all, your child’s hearing is even more sensitive than your own.

So how do you protect your child’s hearing? Here are some gift options that definitely won’t come with noise damage.

Board Games

Board games are great for your child’s cognitive and social development. You can get appropriate board games for almost any age group.

It is true that crowds of laughing children can be loud. However, you still won’t have to worry about the volume going above 65 decibels.


Books are a perfectly silent option that will protect your child’s hearing.

However, audiobooks are becoming more popular these days. If you decide to go for an audiobook, you should be prepared to supervise. Your kid shouldn’t set the volume above a normal speaking tone.


Like board games, puzzles come with a number of cognitive benefits. They can be a great choice for a group of children, but they’re good for solitary play too.

Art Supplies

Art is a great option for children of any age. You can make sure your child will develop their creativity. This will give them a confidence boost as well.

Building Blocks

Young children love building towers and then toppling them over. While the noise can be startling, it isn’t loud enough to harm your child’s hearing. After all, a single loud noise is a lot less damaging than prolonged exposure.

LEGO blocks are eternally popular. But it’s important to be aware that some models come with batteries and speakers. Always do some research before you invest in a toy for your child.

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