Exercise Your Way to Healthy Ears – Best Exercises to Improve Hearing

Studies have shown that there is, indeed, a link between cardiovascular health and hearing sensitivity. In one study, 17 adults, all of whom were moderately low fit, reported improvement in their hearing after an eight-week cardiovascular fitness program. In another study composed of 28 high-fit, moderately-fit, and low-fit individuals, better hearing was reported by those who belonged to the high-fit group. These studies clearly show that exercise does affect your hearing.

If you’re experiencing some reduced hearing and want to improve it by exercising, it’s best that you get started on a cardiovascular fitness program.

Why Cardiovascular Fitness Program?

One of the causes of hearing problems like tinnitus and hearing loss is inadequate blood supply to the auditory system, affecting the way it normally functions. The inadequate blood supply may be due to an ear inflammation impeding blood circulation, cardiovascular diseases like hypertension, diabetes, among others.

To improve hearing, you need to improve your auditory system’s blood supply. Now, a great way to improve blood circulation is through cardiovascular exercises. It enhances your heart and lung functions so they can deliver better blood supply to your ears. It also improves your blood sugar levels and removes plaque buildup, so blood can flow more freely.

Best Cardiovascular Exercises

The best cardiovascular exercises that you can do is running and jogging. Half an hour of either running or jogging at least three to five times a week can help you burn fat and improve your blood circulation.

If you want a low-impact but total body workout, you can try swimming. Half an hour of swimming laps at least three to five times a week is a good way to start. When you feel stronger, go for an hour for four to six days a week.

If these cardiovascular exercises bore you, then try cycling. An hour of cycling helps you burn at least 600 calories. Like swimming, this activity is low impact and high intensity. For beginners, it’s recommended to start at least half an hour daily for three to five times a week, then increase your duration and frequency when you feel stronger.

These exercises can help improve your auditory system’s blood supply and reduce your hearing problems. To speed up the process, you also need to go on a healthy diet.

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